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Lets Play Klondike Solitaire


Let's play Klondike of the solitaireThe carrot "Let's play series" second!!The solitaire which can play easily in break times releases it!With a Very pretty character "Let's play solitaire"!
□Standart modeIf play at slight time; "Standart mode"!Can choose a degree of difficulty from "No limit~1 limit(Stack reset)"Rule is 1deal
□Originarl modeIt is a mode competing for "streak of wins"How long can you win?
□Originarl scoreThe score system for exclusive use of applicationIf can go ahead effectively quickly; high score!
・Common(Standart&Originarl)  Win +2000P  Open card +50P  Suit set +50P  Stack open -10P  Stack reset -150P・Standart mode  Time bonus - Max1000P - 1 second -2P  Move bonus Max1000P 1 move -5P・Originarl mode  Move bonus Max1000P 1 move -5P
□Very pretty Character skin!customize card & background skin freely!Skin increases with rank up!play steadily, and let's do it !
" Let's Play Klondike Solitaire "